Milk and Honey

It’s easy to forget the connection between an insect that can sting you and the species’ role in the ecosystem/food supply.

As one expert in the film explains,”Everyone in this country is an entomophobe.”

But, the proof lies in every flowering plant you may see in every garden everyday. Honeybees and other pollinators provide the human race with all our fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey and MILK!

As Migratory Beekeeper Dave Hackenberg says, “The cows eat clover and alfalfa, which the bees pollinate, to survive and produce milk.”

Here is an interesting tidbit. Milk is a mass-produced product with many supposed health benefits. However, human bodies can only reap those benefits if they are consuming the right kind of milk. Despite the implied messages of low-fat diets, whole milk is actually closer to the raw milk provided by the cow, and therefore, healthier to consume due to its high protein and fat content. Skim milk, however, leaves out the animal fat the body needs to assimilate protein. The result is a higher risk of nutrient deficiencies. Yet, many people opt for skim or 2% at supermarkets and in coffee shops. Next time you’re craving a latte, pay attention to how many of your fellow customers order a sugar filled espresso drink with low-fat milk hoping that, in some way, it will all balance out.

It’s their choice. But, nobody would get to make that choice if it wasn’t for the amazing pollinators.

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