Don’t Step On A Bee Day

Yes. July 10 is actually recognized as “Don’t Step On A Bee” Day. According to the USA Today’s article, “10 Great Places to Make a Beeline For the Honey,” the holiday began as a caveat against getting stung by a bee on your feet. Now, CCD and the danger of losing commercial beekeeping operations (and, therefore, our food supply) lends some economic and emotional weight to the whole situation. Here’s hoping that the holiday becomes more about saving the important creatures in the future.

And so this year, the unofficial prize for most bee friendly city goes to Chicago. As the USA Today article by Kelly DiNardo states,”Chicago is one of the few cities that allows beekeeping, and several beehives are located atop the roofs of City Hall and The Cultural Center in Chicago. The bees pollinate the flowers along Michigan Avenue and in Grant Park, rewarding the beekeepers with a few hundred jars of honey, which are sold at center to support a job-training program.”

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