Canadian Colonies

Yes, the film is entitled American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee, but that doesn’t mean that the ravages of Colony Collapse Disorder aren’t felt elsewhere. In fact, the rapid and mysterious decline in honeybees and other pollinators is a global problem (environmentally and economically).

Previous evidence showed that the problem was the worst in the United States and Australia. Plus, America’s arc of history is a great prism/perspective to see this issue through. However, places like Canada and China are deeply involved as well. Actually, any country significantly engaged in globalization along with the juggernaut United States is deeply involved.

Interestingly, one of the film’s key narrators provided some insight into how Canada is approaching their battle with CCD. And, I paraphrase: Canadian beekeepers were paid $100 per hive by the Canadian government to call the phenomenon something else besides Colony Collapse Disorder.

What message does this send to you?

To further justify the potentially limiting title of the film, Canada can still technically be categorized as an America.

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