Garbage Pail Bees

Interestingly enough, the co-editor and sound mixer of American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee, Tim Powers, recently reported that his father’s waste management business found a cluster of bees inside one of their trucks. This is not the first time they’ve found a small group of the pollinators seeking refuge in one of their waste management vehicles.

What does this mean? Is it a small overarching symptom of the greater problem at hand.

They called in an entomologist from the University of South Florida and surmised that the cluster contained a queen and some worker bees. Apparently, this situation sometimes arises when a queen is older or unhealthy and she is ousted from the colony and replaced by another queen. A small group of loyal workers accompanies her to a new location — a garbage truck in this instance. Unfortunately, this cluster’s days are surely numbered.

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