Eccentric Beekeepers

Beekeepers, as some of you out there may already know, are enigmatic, eccentric and often times, brilliant people.

First of all, what brings a person to this sort of occupation unless they inherit it or have some lifelong passion about the insects themselves? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure. This breed is endlessly intriguing. They not only regulate the existence of one of the world’s most elusive suppliers, but they do so with great personal risk and sincerity.

One beekeeper featured in American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee, Steven L. Antal, is a particularly fascinating character living in Dunedin, Florida. He keeps bees, sells honey to a local brewery, does house infestation calls, keeps his tolerance up by getting stung 30-50 times a week, and in his spare time, he conducts experiments in his homemade lab as a chemist/scientist.

One consistent part of his experiments involves removing cadmium from electronic equipment and then harnessing gold from the remaining elements. Currently, there are thousands of dollars in gold shavings sitting in a jar in his kitchen — not a bad thing to have lying around during these tough socioeconomic times.

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