A Gift of Sorts

In the film, we present several small, but diverse and realistic, solutions to the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder. One notable example is the compound formulated by my father, Dr. Steve Kushner. The results of a small USDA test on this compound proved that its ingredients can help raise the levels of vitellogenin (likened to good or HDL cholesterol in humans) for contaminated bees, especially when boosted by a nano-encapsulation technique.

In an extended effort to help and raise awareness, we are posting the recipe for this compound. Feel free to use it and recommend it to beekeepers or scientists you may know. The formula IS NOT FOR SALE AND NEVER WILL BE. It is a gift to anyone who values the simple power of information.

Okay, here are the ingredients that can be purchased at any good health food store.  They must be in liquid extract form for use with the bees in their sugar water.  Sometimes, they can be found in combination products.  Otherwise, they can be divided evenly for ease of use.  These are all okay for use under the banner of Fu Zheng therapy.

Fo Ti

Then, add Olive Flower Extract from Bach Flower remedies.

In the future, we may add some extra herbs because research has shown that  some-anti-fungals may help. Good luck to anyone and everyone that could use it.

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